The objective of introducing the N.S.S. in institutions of higher education is to provide opportunities to teachers and students to gain practical experience in community service. The Programme Officer has to conduct (1) Regular activities and (2) Special Campaign Programmes. 

The main aim of the Unit is to involve the students for Institutional and rural development activities during holidays and vacation such as non-formal education, sports, a forestation, tree plantation, construction of play fields, roads and drains, family planning and child health, AIDS Awareness, Importance of Blood Donation and so on. 

At present there is on N.S.S. Unit in our college. The N.S.S. Unit was started in our College in September 1975. 

The sole motto of N.S.S. is “Education through community service”. 
                                                                                                           Join the N.S.S. and Serve the Nation. #