About College


“Nuzvid”, the capital seat of the famous zamindars of the illustrious Appa Rao family, has been a centre of great cultural and literary activity. Many a scholar and a poet had been recipient of annual gratuity and honour from them, who besides being poets themselves are patrons of learning and arts. 

Sri Raja Rangaiah Appa Rao, Raja Saheb of Vuyyuru, had cherished the noble idea of starting a College at Nuzvid, nearly century and half. He even made a mention of it in his will and set apart Veleru Village as a source of income for the proposed College. Subsequently, in 1936, Sri Raja Venkatadri Appa Rao Bahadur, in consequence to fulfill his father’s will had established S.R.R. College at Vijayawada as there was not even one, in that fast growing town, which, in those days had been known as cultural sahara. Nuzvid had at that time, only a few high schools in and around. 

As days rolled by, nearly 25 high schools came up within 20 miles radius of Nuzvid. As a result of which, a need for a College At Nuzvid was felt by one and all in and around. 

Sri M.R. Appa Rao Bahadur, M.A., M.L.A. and under his guidance Sri Y.Madhavacharyulu worked hard it was due to unceasing and untiring efforts of both of these gentlemen there came into existence the College. 

Naming it, ‘Dharma Appa Rao College’ was inaugurated on 27-7-1966 in the buildings situated in the fort which Sri Sobhandri AppaRao Bahadur, Raja of Yalamarru, donated in memory of his late son V.K.N. Appa Rao. A little later, Sri M.V.R. AppaRao, Raja Saheb, Zamindar of Meerjapuram and his sons Sri M.V.N. Appa Rao Bahadur, Sri M.V.M.G. Appa Rao Bahadur were also pleased to donate the adjoining buildings with a large heart, to the college. 

Manyasri P.V.G. Raju, Minister for Cultural affairs, Government of Andhra Pradesh and Pro-Chancellor of Andhra University was kind enough to inaugurate the College. The College began to function from 27-7-1966 with the kind blessings of great personages like Avatar Mehar Baba and Swamy Gnananda, honourary Prof. of Nuclear Physics, Andhra University. 

Thus has been the college prospering in all its splendor in different spheres with the best efforts and warm encouragement of the founder president, Sri M.R. Appa Rao Bahadur. 

During the years 1974-75 as our founder President M.R. Appa Rao, M.A., M.L.A., was appointed Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University, Sri Raja S.V.R.G.Narasimha Rao Bahadur who had been holding the office of Secretary and treasurer, took over as president and Correspondent of the College governing body. Sri K. Hanumantha Rao, B.A., B.L.,as Secretary and D. Mohana Rao as Treasurer took over the charge of the governing Body during the period from 1974-75 to 1981-82. Sri B. Kondala Rao serving as Secretary since 1982. Sri S.V.R.G. Narasimha Rao died on 27-5-1989. Sri D. Mohana Rao was made the Correspondent of the College. Sri D. Mohana Rao, died on 7-6-1996. Sri Meharram Venkatadri Appa Rao as President & Correspondent and Sri B. Kondala Rao, as treasurer assumed charge in the year 1996. Smt. M. Mangasri Appa Row took over the charge as treasurer in the year 2002. Sri M.M.R.V. Apparao President & Correspondent, is a dynamic and foresighted person in initiating and encouraging relevant reforms in our college academic and administrative domains. 

The college offers instruction for Intermediate and Degree (U.G. & P.G.) courses in various disciplines and has a total strength of over 487 now. The college is now under permanent affiliation to Krishna University for 2nd and 3rd Year UG Courses. The 1st Degree Courses are affiliated to Krishna University, Machilipatnam, with effect from the academic Year 2010 – 11. The affiliation will be effected for the remaining years also in a phased manner. 

Kalaprapoorna Rajah Venkatadri Appa Rao and Dr. M.R. Appa Row memorial Cultural and Literary festival is being held in the college from the year 2002-03 onwards. Inter collegiate competitions are being held in the activities of General Quiz, Debate in English and Telugu, Floor – crossing, spot painting, ‘Spandana’, Patriotic Songs, Folk Songs, Karnatic Music and Light Music. 

Under the name of college president’s Gold Medal the president of our college has instituted gold medal in memory of Prof. M.R. Appa Row for the students who stands first in M.Sc.Organic Chemistry.#